Videos in PowerPoint
You won’t believe it’s PowerPoint
Do you want content for your advertisement displays? A viral clip for your social media? A corporate video? We can make all of this happen (and much more) with PowerPoint (for much less).

Videos, animations and dynamic infographics.
Point of sale promotions.
Billboard and marquee advertisements.
Clips for social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

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– Video made using only PowerPoint –

– Video made using only PowerPoint –

The quick and cost-effective solution

Our brain is designed to process and remember images better than text, especially when they include sound and movement. That’s why videos and dynamic infographics work so well. With PowerPoint we can create striking custom videos for a very affordable price and in a reasonably short time.

Your promotional videos made easy
Point of sale promotions

Sign up to stand out in streets, shop windows and shopping centers. With our videos made with PowerPoint it will cost you very little.

– Video made using only PowerPoint –

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