3 Tricks to Save Time in PowerPoint

Do you spend a lot of time making your presentations? Sure you do, more than you would like. First you have to collect, prepare and write the information, which already takes time. And then comes the heaviest step, shaping it in PowerPoint. It happens to all of us. But the good news is that there are ways to save time just by changing some of the most repeated actions when making your presentations.

Here we leave you 3 tricks that will really save you a lot, a lot of time if you put them into practice. You can also download a completely free kit of attractive icons here to make your presentations more attractive and impressive, or if you prefer you can download a fully editable template here.

Copy and paste is a thing of the past

This technique focuses on explaining a concept or idea to the audience. Informative speakers tend to focus on specific topics, such as people, events, places, stories, etc.

Examples could be a college professor giving a lecture on a particular topic, or a company executive giving a presentation on last year’s sales.

If you are opting for an informative technique, make sure you do these two things. First, research your topic, you need to know the most complex concepts of your presentation. Second, and most importantly, your presentation should be short and simple, since no one wants to spend more than an hour learning about something.

Yes, from the past. You will save a lot of time if instead of using ctrl+c and ctrl+v you simply select the object you want to copy by holding down ctrl and dragging the object in question. In addition, you can take the opportunity to place the duplicate on your site. These are the clicks you make with each option:

ctrl+c y ctrl+v:

  1. Select object
  2. ctrl+c
  3. ctrl+v
  4. Select new object and place it


  1. Select object
  2. Drag and drop

You see? Just half the clicks. Without releasing the mouse and in just one click you will have your duplicate. Think about the number of times you copy and paste elements in PowerPoint and you will see how you save time with this trick. By the way, if you also hold down the shift key, you will make the copy in a straight line.

The F4 key or “do it again” key

The day we discovered the F4 key marked a before and after in our way of working with PowerPoint. Every time you press it, it will repeat exactly the last action you performed, as many times as you want. As simple as pressing a button.

Let’s see an example. I’m going to make a chart with sheep and DNA strands. The first thing, of course, is to insert the two images. Then, putting trick number 1 into practice, (remember, ctrl+click) I duplicate both, as you can see in the following image. I already have two sheep and two strands of DNA.

And now is when the F4 key does its magic. Let’s say that for my graph I need 5 figures of each one. Easy. I press the F4 key three times and voila! I already have my 5 pairs in a couple of seconds:

Of course, now that I see it, I would like to align each sheep with its DNA, which has left everything somewhat unbalanced. No problem. I line up the first couple. And then I select each pair and press F4. Ready!

Format objects. Once.

If you spend all day formatting shapes and text boxes, this trick is for you. PowerPoint is a program that we love, but it has its things (like everyone). For example, when you insert a shape, by default it will come with an outline… which hardly anyone wants to use.

To remove it, the usual thing is to select the shape and access Shape Outline → No Outline. But doing it every time you insert a shape is tedious and also wastes a lot of time. Instead, select the shape and format it however you like, give it a new color and remove the outline, for example.

When you have it formatted to your liking, select it and with the right mouse button pressed, click on “Set as default”.

That’s it. Every time you insert a new shape, it will appear without an outline, and in the color you have set as default. Follow the same steps (format and set as default) for the text boxes. You will save a lot of time for sure!

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